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Massage Therapy Miami
Massage Therapy Miami
Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami Cupping Massage Miami

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami

Lymphatic drainage massage is a profound technique to help increase lymph flow. Immune system function is improved as harmful substances are removed from the tissues. A Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymph system with extremely light, circular pumping movements. By stimulating the lymphatic system to naturally drain excess fluids and toxins in swollen tissues and inflammation of joints it supports the body's immune system. Helps the body heal from surgery, and aids in the body's natural waste removal or detoxification.

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage is also helpful when you have sports injuries. After the initial inflammatory stage has passed, lymphatic work can be applied after Sports or Neuromuscular massage has been completed. This will help to clear the tissue of debris, and help to reduce the minor edema that sometimes occurs after deep massage. Continuous lymphatic massage while the client is healing can help to enhance tissue regeneration by maintaining the tissue as healthy as possible. A Lymphatic Drainage Massage is helpful to clients who are suffering from a lack of energy, or a sluggish immune system.
Excellent for post Liposuction procedures!

$65 for a one hour massage treatment.


Relaxation Massage Miami

This deep relaxing stress management massage promotes increased oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles. Stress Relief Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested in a regular program for stress relief management.

$60 for a one hour massage treatment.


Cupping Massage

Cupping is a modified version of Chinese cupping therapy. Its many benefits include draining excess fluids and toxins, loosening adhesions and lifting connective tissue, increasing circulation and blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, and deep tissue releases. This wonderful technique can enhance all areas of massage therapy, and the sensations are truly indescribable!

$70 for a one hour massage session.



Similar in theory to acupressure, reflexologists believe that applying appropriate pressure to these points stimulates the flow of energy, thus helping to relieve pain or blockages throughout the entire body. A very pleasurable form of bodywork, reflexology is also used to ease stress and promote relaxation.

$40 for a 1/2 hour session

$60 for a one hour session


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is an exciting massage treatment. It enters a deeper dimension of relaxation, and well-being. The warmth of these heated stones penetrates muscles and balances the nervous system like no other treatment. Hot stone massage is the ultimate in massage.

$65 for a one hour massage treatment


Integrated Massage Therapy

Integrated massage is a therapeutic massage therapy method that combines the principles of massage incorporating physical, emotional, and spiritual elements supporting a holistic mind-body approach. Different hands-on techniques and meditations are used in integrated massage to promote physiological changes.

$60 for a one hour massage treatment


Pre-Natal Massage Miami

Pre-Natal massages help relieve the discomforts and stress of pregnancy. Pregnancy massages offers relief to many aches and pains associated with the changes that occur in the body during pregnancy.

$70 for a one hour massage treatment


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